I’m out of deodorant. Does the box go into the trash?

Of course not! The Biork deodorant is absolutely plastic-free but nevertheless: Upcycling and recycling are trendy and are good for the environment and your wallet. The less waste, the better! Here we gathered some creative ideas for you how to use these high-quality cork boxes.

As a stylish container for small items

Also particularly practical for SD or SIM cards and small USB sticks.

Everywhere you go, you have small objects that you can’t keep properly: Earrings and costume jewellery, paper clips or even screws, shelf pins and small screwdrivers from building that bookshelf the other day.

When you need them, you often have to look all over the place for them. In the Biork box – which can also be labelled with normal pens – they are safely stored!

As play box and dice cup

The cork box fits into any travel bag and it holds marbles, game pieces, puzzle pieces or dices. When playing, you also have a dice cup with you: very practical!

For plants and flowers

If you want to create something completely new with the cork box, you can use it for planting: in spring for growing or all year round as a plant pot.

Cork is particularly suitable for cacti and succulents, but other plants feel at home here, too. Creative people can also decorate their plant pots with Washitape, string or coloured yarn. Or even attach a strong magnet to it so that it can be attached to the refrigerator or a magnetic board.

Simply convert the remaining stone into a deodorant spray

Place the remaining stone in cold water (in a ratio of 50g to 100ml) for 14 days until it has completely dissolved. Then fill the complete content into a small pump spray bottle, ready is the liquid deodorant spray.

Infinitely more!

There are still so many ways in which you can use the Biork Cork box: As a sewing kit (with pincushions!) on journeys, as a LED light holder for a romantic dinner atmosphere, as a discreet trash holder on the desk for waste from a pencil sharpener and the like.

Craft fans can also make toothpick holders, napkin rings, Easter jewellery or even Saint Martin lanterns from it. Only one question remains unanswered: What do I choose?