What is Flustix and what does it do?

Flustix is a sustainability label. It tests and labels products and packaging regarding their plastic content, i.e. to what extent they are plastic-free products.

What does Flustix want to achieve?

Flustix unites consumers and companies in the common goal of reducing the frightening amount of plastic waste which people produce every second.

The Flustix label offers the consumer a reliable orientation to protect the environment when choosing plastic-free products.

Why – plastic-free products?

Achieving this goal as quickly as possible is not only important for future generations, but now. Especially when one considers and makes oneself vividly clear that plastic is not only detectable in soils and waters, but also in food. The idea that we eat plastic should be a deep thought-provoking impulse to switch to plastic-free products.

Plastic is not like banana peel, which rots after some time and contributes again positively to the cycle of the environment. On the contrary, plastic does not rot. It gets even worse. For it disintegrates into many small parts and the smaller the parts of plastic are, the more toxic they are.

Flustix, as a consumer label, has set itself the goal of completely rethinking and implementing the use of plastic. This means that it wants to reduce plastic where it makes the most sense: within the consumer sector. This is because it gives the economy a stimulus for sustainable thinking, which in turn makes a relevant contribution to improving the environment and people’s health.

Biork was awarded the plastic-free product label

For these reasons, and to make it easier for the consumer, we believe in Flustix. Based on a thorough investigation by Flustix, Biork was awarded the plastic-free product label.